Saturday, December 01, 2007

December, Part Two

The other little monthly calendar I want to share with you is the one we gave away to customers last year. I'm supposed to do another set for this year, but I haven't started yet. Once I get started, it shouldn't take too long, though. These small calendars usually consist of pictures from earlier year's large calendars. So what have we got here? The shot above is a lighthouse on Lake Erie, near Mentor Headlands, Ohio. It's always a stop on my trips to Ohio, if we have time to get out there. It's a beautiful spot. And below? Another lighthouse, a lot further south, this time in Ponce Inlet, Florida, a few miles south of Daytona Beach. This is a spot I visit every time I'm at our Daytona Beach shop. This is the only shot I've got that's actually tied to the Christmas holiday. I just happened to be there one year when they had all the Christmas decorations up on the lighthouse, and the big tree in the yard. Pretty cool, isn't it?


Tony said...

If you're ever in North Carolina, we've got some nice lighthouses up here.

I'm also enjoying your Christmas sharity this year--thanks!


Ducky said...
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