Friday, November 30, 2007

Be Like Mike

I posted this album last year after the death of Mike Douglas. It's a much better album than your typical celebrity vocal album, I guess since Mike could actually sing. It leans a little towards the religious side, and there are a couple of original songs here that mine that vein pretty well. When I first posted this, I mentioned that Mike had another Christmas album out there that I didn't have yet. No bonus points for guessing what LP post is coming up next. But first, get Mike Douglas-My Kind Of Christmas (Epic BN 26322, 1967) if you haven't already.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! I have not heard some of these albums since I was a kid and now I get to share them with my family all over again. Also I would love to see your "doodles" together in one big file some time, they are great period advertising art. Thanks for all of it I'll be hanging out through the christmas season keep them coming.