Saturday, December 01, 2007

Snoopy Versus The Blue Barron

I didn't mean to trick you, but this post really has nothing to do with Snoopy. But it's got everything to do with Blue Barron, a previously unknown to me big band leader. Someone mentioned the name over at the other day, and I wondered who it was then forgot all about it. Fast-forward to a couple of days later during my annual trip to Banana's in search of great Christmas singles. What flashes past my eyes but the EP you see above and below? I'd never seen it before, but I figured karma was telling me something. I snatched it up, recorded it and wow is it great! Swingin' big band versions of Christmas tunes both classic and never-heard. This will more than make up for the lackluster Seeburg post of a few hours ago. Hurry right now and get Blue Barron-Christmas EP (MGM X1055). I'm pretty sure that these recordings predate the 45 era, and were originally from 78s. But the sound is still good!


  1. These recordings are probably from 1952 or thereabouts - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus wasn't written until then.

  2. Hi, Ernie,

    We miss you and your wonderful posts. I know this post is 7 years old, but is there anyway you can repost this this year? You are the ONLY place I could find the 2 songs on the B-side of this EP...and of course the links are dead. Thank you and hope you are doing well!

    Tom in Detroit

  3. Here you go. But my question to you is, why didn't you grab it the first time around? ;)


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