Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Billy & Jimmy

An oldie but goodie here.  What am I saying, this one is great! One of my original shares from 2005, brought back in stereo for the 2010 season, this features a number of tracks you won't find anywhere else, and even better, the music is handled by the great Billy May!  And you thought he only did that reindeer Mambo song!  Don't delay, grab The Jimmy Joyce Singers With Orchestra Conducted By Billy May-A Christmas To Remember (Warner Bros WS 1237, Vitaphonic Stereo, 1958).

1. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
2. The Twelve Days Of Christmas
3. An Old Fashioned Christmas
4. Jingle Bells Around The World
5. Christmas Hop
6. Medley Of Foreign Carols
7. Round About Christmas
8. Santa Claus Sleigh Ride
9. The Story Of Christmas
10. Christmas Dinner Country Style
11. Reprise Medley
12. Medley Of English Carols

Whoop, I guess Warner Bros, didn't want me to share that one.  No more of that for me!


Anonymous said...

Not found at Mega!

Ernie said...

It's on Spotify!

I didn't realize, or I wouldn't have posted it.

Brad R-M said...

The tracks are grayed out. Usually means it's available in another country but not here.

Kwork said...

Crap! Greyed out here for me on Spotify too. I wish it could be heard.