Saturday, December 22, 2018

Bonus Burl

A little bit more Burl here while I'm on the subject.  I believe I found this single at the same record store as I found that great Holiday Inn record I shared with you a few days ago.  Normally an unknown Burl would be a big deal, but next to that record, this one paled a little bit.  Not that there's anything at all wrong with this, it's a great little thing I hadn't seen or heard before.  Evidently this was available from various shopping centers back in the Christmas season of 1986.  Not sure if it was a give-away or something that was offered for sale, but whatever it was, they must not have made too many of them. Mine is printed 'Southlake Mall' which appears to be either Merrillville, Indiana or Morrow, Georgia.  I found it in Jacksonville, Florida, which is much closer to Georgia than Illinois, but you never know.  Lots of people move down to Florida and get rid of stuff, so it could be from anywhere.  Long story, but this is Burl Ives-Orchestra By J. Steinberg-The Night Before Christmas (Great Holiday Hits 7" 45 RPM STP-1013 "Southlake Mall", Stereo, 1986).



Kwork said...

Holy cow! Never knew this one existed. Thank you! Bonus Burl indeed!

Buster said...

I am allergic to Burl, but I have to say I've never seen this one before.