Wednesday, December 19, 2018

One More Ray

Here's an album I ripped back in 2015, but didn't manage to get the art scanned until this year.  I think you'll still enjoy it.  Ray Heatherton is a name well known to a generation of children as he released quite a few kiddie records in his day, including a few Christmas tracks.  You've possibly heard his version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas, but that particular version isn't included here.  This is an album he recorded later in life, and it was released by a bank for their customers.  According to the liner notes, he was a vice president at this bank, which made me think maybe it was a different Ray Heatherton, but there were other details mentioned that seemed to indicate it was the same guy.  Quite the interesting life he must have led.  If you want to hear what all this leads up to, please download Ray Heatherton-Peace On Earth (Recorded Exclusively For The Franklin National Bank HG 10171, Mono).

1. The Night Before Christmas
2. The Christmas Tree Of St. Florentin
3. Little Breeches
4. Three Kings
5. Is There A Santa Claus?
6. The Happy Prince
7. Long, Long Ago


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Kwork said...

Definitely interested. Thank you much!