Sunday, December 16, 2018

Big Wheelie

We finally arrive in Sarasota, Florida, on our tour across the US and around the world.  I found this album just a couple of weeks ago, and I was surprised to find out that it was a local album.  I've been here for over 20 years now and never seen or even heard of it.  But there it was at a local Goodwill.  I paid my dollar, got it home, and gave it a listen.  And wow, it's great! You're going to love it, take my word for it.  Big Wheelie is a stage name for Chuck Vicario, a Buffalo, New York, artist who lived for a time in Florida. This article is where I learned the most about the record I'm sharing, but this other article details his history of garage rocking.  He's the real deal going back quite a ways.  There are a few mentions on Facebook of him and his performances, but there don't seem to be any for quite a while.  Not sure what that means, but I hope he's still rocking up in Buffalo.  Back to the story, Big Wheelie recorded and released this album while running a small club here on the Sarasota/Bradenton line. (I haven't been able to find the spot yet, but I'm still hunting!)  It's a tribute of sorts to the 50's rock and roll he loves, with a healthy helping of biker culture and, oh yeah, grease.  And a twist!  Enough talk, give it a listen for yourself and let me know what you think.  This is Big Wheelie And The Hubcaps-Christmas Grease (Wheelie Records 109016, Stereo, mid-80s).

1. I Saw Mommy Kissin' Santa Claus *
2. Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me
3. Christmas Song
4. Little Saint Nick
5. Jingle Bell Rock
6. Blue Christmas
7. Rudy The Red Nose Biker *
8. Jingle Bell Twist
9. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
10. Sleigh Ride *
11. Stroll Lang Syne *

(* Denotes Very Unique And Should Be Listened Too! [from the back cover])



Stinky said...

I remember hearing the name BIG WHEELIE in the 80's, when I was down in FLA. Thanks! - Stinky

barba said...

it's a bit to unique for my tastes.

Kwork said...

Thank you. My personal jury's out yet, but I think it'll grow on me.

Unknown said...

Sad to say Big Wheelie passed away Friday from the corona virus. I remember seeing him back in the 70's in the Buffalo area

dangramm said...

Wow, what a shocker to hear this! [Thank you, Unknown, for posting this]. I did a Google search and read a few articles about this. Chuck Vicario/Big Wheelie had an amazing gift and I had the privilege to see him and his group many times at Maxwell Silver's Hammer in Rochester, NY in the 70's and also in the Sarasota, FL area. Quite an amazing, entertaining and original group! I have his albums, and they are amazing! Some of my cousins in Buffalo, NY knew Chuck. He will be missed but he is in a much better place, in the presence of God, singing with the angels.