Friday, December 21, 2018

To The Moon!

From ye olden day of 2012, here's a real gem that I was lucky to find.  It seems to be pretty hard to come by, and the reason for that may be that it didn't sell back in the day.  It's, umm, interesting to say the least. This is the sort of thing that show up on those Christmas collections that you get from your weird friend, but never listen to.  Well, I do, but you don't. Oh, wait, nevermind.  I just checked and this one is on Spotify.  Probably easier for people to listen to it that way.  This was Tim Dinkins-Christmas On The Moon With Tim Dinkins (Cartwheel LP-CW-112-A, Stereo, 1966). Now I have to hunt up something else to share with you.

1. Santa's Rocket
2. The Empty Chair
3. Two Little Stockings
4. I Won't Let You Lick My Candy Bar (by Susan Kay)
5. Just A Little Birdie In A Coo Coo Clock
6. Merry Christmas
7. The Wise Ole Owl (by 'Mystery Guest')
8. Ole Pop Reindeer
9. Christmas Message
10. Christmas Comes To Everyone
11. A Little Boy's Letter To Santa
12. Tinkle Toes

Well, there's another one that's on Spotify.  Go give it a listen over there.


Mike said...

This is one of my all time favorite shares of yours. I've used a couple tracks on Christmas mixes over the years! Thanks for everything you do.

Buster said...

From the look of the label, it's more like Christmas with Nellie Melvina Bond.

Unknown said...

we don't all have spotify

12vjoe said...

Love to see a re-share of this one!

Ernie said...

Did you see the note about it being available on Spotify? No more share...