Thursday, December 17, 2009

EP Day, Part 10

2006 was a great year for the blog, especially during the Christmas sharity season. There were lots of new shares that year with only a few reruns here and there. I think I put up more posts that year than any other. And one of the more interesting posts from that year was this little 10" record from Brazil. I didn't know much about it then, and I know just about the same now. I do know that I get a lot of hits on this one from internet searches. No idea why. It's a nice cover, too. I remember the vinyl was noisy, so don't go after this one if you're a big fan of clean sound. But if you don't mind a little snap, crackle and pop with your music as well as your breakfast cereal, please download Natal no Brasil (Copacabana CLP 3087, 10" 33 RPM, Mono)

1. Elizete Cardoso com Orquestra e Cõro de Severino Filho-Cantiga De Natal
2. Black-Out comm Orquestra e Cõro-Natal Das Criancas
3. Ángela Maria com Orquestra e Cõro-Outros Natais
4. Sõnia Delfino com Orquestra e Cõro do Club do Guri-Sino De Belem (Jingle Bells)
5. Ángela Maria e João Dias com Orquestra-Papai Noel Esqueceu
6. Leny Eversong com Aloysio, seu Conjunto e Cõro-Prece De Natal
7. Duo Brasil Moreno com Orquestra e Cõro-Noite Feliz
8. Altamiro Carrilho e Sua Bandinha-Boas Festas

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Ramona Barger said...

I just wanted to let u know how much I have enjoyed the christmas music that you share! Do you have the Readers Digest set *Joyous Noel*? That was the set we played the majority of the time as a child and I'm trying to find and recreate it for my daughters. I have located a lot of the songs but can not find Hank Locklin's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? Any suggestions??

Merry Christmas!