Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Klein Four (Sorta)

This is either my third or fourth John Klein share of the day, depending on how you count those last two, which may or may not be the same album. Either way, I've got something new for you here. Well, sort of new. I shared several of these tracks back during Christmas In July. But after listening to the rest of the album, I decided that almost all of the songs on here have something magical about them that make for good Christmas music. I think there's more Christmas joy on here than you'll find on a lot of full-fledged Christmas albums! So download this and tell me what you think. This is John Klein With Orchestra And Chorus Arranged And Conducted By Leo Addeo-Bells In Toyland-John Klein At The Sun Life Centenary Carillon (RCA Victor LSP-3832, Stereo, 1967). I'm proud to point out that The King Of Jing-A-Ling chose a track from this record for his 2009 ADVENTure In Carols collection. Thanks, King! It's a great honor!

1. March Of The Toys
2. March Of The Lead Soldiers
3. Haydn's Toy Symphonette
4. Doll Dance
5. Sweet Nutcracker!
6. Dancing Doll
7. The Toy Trumpet
8. Toyland
9. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
10. Knight Of The Rocking Horse
11. Toy Train
12. Syncopated Clock


Anonymous said...

Great honor? I couldn't do the AiC without your work....

bongolong said...

This is really sweet!! Nice rip too!!


Merry Christmas!