Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas You Can't Have

There's an interesting story here. I finally found a copy of this record by The Quinto Sisters. It features the first version of A Holly Jolly Christmas ever released, even before Burl Ives made a classic out of it. But I can't share it with and you can't purchase it anywhere. You can, however, listen to it over at The Quinto Sisters website. It seems they don't want anybody to share it out, and I have to respect that. I figure maybe if enough people head over to their site and learn more about this great music, the greater the chance that it will receive a new release someday. At least that's what I'm hoping by mentioning it here. Go give this a listen!

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Anonymous said...

The album, and some of their singles including "Holly Jolly Christmas" turn up now and then on e-bay.