Friday, December 18, 2009

Braun (Not Gillette)

I hear from a lot of people who fondly remember Ruth Lyons and her TV show. It was way before my time, and in a different part of the country, but because the show spawned a couple of great Christmas albums, I'm familiar with it. What I wasn't familiar with, at least before last year, was that one of the other members of the show had put out a Christmas album. I'm in the habit of picking up pretty much every Christmas LP I see and taking a look to see if I can find something interesting about it. That was the case with this one, and I noticed a couple of songs on it that were written by Ruth Lyons. So I read the liner notes and realized what I had. And now, you can have it too. Please download Bob Braun, Orchestra Conducted By Leroy Holmes-Christmas In Your Heart (United Artists UAS 6664, Stereo, 1968).

1. Christmas In Your Heart
2. Everywhere The Bells Are Ringing
3. Do You Hear What I Hear
4. A Marshmellow (sic) World
5. A Child's First Christmas
6. Let's Light The Christmas Tree
7. Christmas Lullaby
8. Winter Wonderland
9. That's What Christmas Means To Me
10. I'll Be Home For Christmas
11. Christmas Medley


ecstrat57 said...

Could you repost The Fred Waring Sounds of Christmas?



Ernie said...

Repost? I never shared it. It's available on CD, but I think it's under a different title.