Sunday, December 13, 2009

Success Story, Volume 6

Several years ago, I found and shared this LP. It was quite the find, full of original music that actually sounded like Christmas music, but it was tracks you'd never heard of. I had no idea who Robert Way was, or when this music had been released. From the cover, I knew it had something to do with Mobil Oil, and I figured it was similar to those tire company collections that used to be all the rage. I shared it out for a number of years, and finally got an email from first the artist's daughter, and eventually the man himself, Robert Way. He explained that he had gotten out of music not long after this LP came out, and had only recently started recording again. Well, this year, Mr. Way decided to remaster and re-release this great LP, so I'm here to encourage you to go buy it. You can find his website here, or you can go straight to this link to get this great album. It's not expensive, and all the money goes right to the man who made the music, not some greedy record company. Tell him Ernie (Not Bert) sent you!

Oh, while you're there, be sure to download a copy of his LP Thoughts On The Carols. It's free!

Double Oh, you can download a radio promo LP by Mr. Way over at WFMU. It's not Christmas, but it's Robert Way.

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