Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Recycling

I just noticed something odd. This Bing Crosby had somehow migrated to the top of the stack of 45s that sit near my computer. Something about it caught my eye. Then it hit me. That Santa Claus in the middle, the one hanging by the ribbon. I've seen that somewhere. And it was sometime recently. Then it hit me. If you head on over to A Christmas Yuleblog and check out the Jimmie Davis LP that the Captain is sharing (a great compliment to my own Jimmie Davis share, I might add), it's the same Santa in the background of that LP cover! They've flipped the image left-for-right, and it's a bit out of focus (since it's not supposed to be the focus of the picture, Jimmie is), but it's the same image. You can see a bit of the happy girl ornament above Santa's cap. Cool, eh? FYI, the EP above is Bing Crosby-ChristmasTime (Decca ED 2547 7" 45 RPM, Mono). I'm not sharing it since the music is widely available on any number of Bing Crosby CDs. This sort of thing has happened to me before, by the way...

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