Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Brazil! Again

I had a chance today to revisit a favorite share from 2006 that I remember having a lot of trouble with and never being very happy about.  So I took the chance to re-record it and I think I came out with a much higher signal-to-noise ratio this time.  It might even be worth listening to this time around. This is a 10" record from Brazil of Brazilian artists performing mostly Brazilian Christmas music. There are a couple of ringers, though, but they don't stand out too bad.  All the abrupt starts and stops are like that on the vinyl, I didn't do it, promise!  This is Natal No Brasil (Copacabana (Brazil) 10" 33 RPM CLP 3087, Mono). I shared out another record of Christmas music from Brazil with you earlier in the season here.

1. Elizete Cardoso Com Orquestra E Côro De Severino Filho-Cantiga De Natal
2. Black-Out Com Orquestra E Côro-Natal Das Crienças
3. Angela Maria Com Orquestra E Côro-Outros Natais
4. Sõnia Delfino Com Orquestra E Côro Do Club Do Guri-Sino De Belem (Jingle Bells)
5. Angels Maria E Joao Dias Com Orquestra-Papai Noel Esqueceu
6. Leny Eversong Com Aloysio, Seu Conjunto E Côro-Prece De Natal
7. Duo Brasil Moreno Com Orquestra E Côro-Noite Feliz
8. Altamiro Carrilho E Sua Bandinha-Boas Festas