Thursday, January 03, 2019


Look, I found a Colorado Christmas record in the archives!  So it's another stop on the US leg of our world tour this season. We're getting real close to the end but great things like this just keep popping up from who knows where.  If you didn't get it from the first time I shared it in 2010, you'd better download it now before it goes away forever.  This is The Lundstroms-Colorado Christmas (Tempo/Message R-7230, Stereo).

1. Jesus Christ Is Born
2. Colorado Christmas
3. Beauty Of The Snow
4. I Can Hardly Wait Till Christmas
5. Now I'm Not Lonely At Christmas
6. Why Isn't Everybody Singing Allelu
7. Sing Along Christmas
8. Christmas Medley
9. Christy's Christmas Prayer
10. I Needed A Savior To Care
11. Our Love Is Like The Mountains