Friday, January 04, 2019

Half Of 2008

I suppose I should go ahead and share out the collection I did for Christmas and a Half in 2008 since I did the 2012 collection of 78's.  Once again, it's a nice collection of totally random single tracks, this time from 7" 45s instead of 10" 78s.  And again there is no artwork, sorry.  Good stuff though.  This is Ernie's Christmas And A Half 2008 Singles Collection.

Bobby Salvatore-Stick 'Em Up Santa
Mona Murry-Gonna Kidnap Santa Tonight
The Brian Babcock Explosion With The Circle Of Sound Singers-CB Santa (Big Red)
Thurmon McKinney-Santa Claus And The Truck Driver
Homemade Theatre-CB Santa
Larry Cartell-Cowboy Santa
Burl Ives-Grandfather Kringle
Buddy Mullins-Easter Eggs On The Christmas Tree
Bey Ireland-All I Want For Christmas Is A Go-Go Girl
Joan Shaw-I Want A Man For Christmas
Little Rita Faye-I Fell Out Of A Christmas Tree
Bobby Sabatino-I'm Gonna Hang Up Mommy's Stocking
Clinton Caldwell-Santa's Copter
Raindolls-Disco Santa Claus
Santa's Disco Band-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Disco
Barefoot Man-Santa Got A Sunburn
Israfel's Son With Connie & Chorus-Rudolph Pouts
George Bowers-Christoper The Christmas Tree
Jim Hubler-Big Bruce, The Big Blue Spruce
Tony Sacco-Jolly Fat Man
Doye O'Dell-I'm Pickin' Fights For Christmas
Eddy Arnold-I'm Your Private Santa Claus
Lisa And The Lollipops-Don'tcha Try To Tell Me There Ain't No Santa Claus
The LeVine Twins-Twinkle-Toes
Santa's Gnomes-Santa's Land
Bobby Farrell-Santa's Big Red Car
Rosemary Clooney-Little Red Riding Hood's Christmas Tree
John Greer-Wait Till After Christmas
King Coleman-The Holiday Season
The Rocky Fellers-Santa Santa



Buster said...

"I'm Pickin Fights for Christmas" has to be a winner.

Kwork said...

Oh yes! Love these! Thank you very much!