Wednesday, January 02, 2019


Another remastered 10" from 2006, this one features Christmas carols sung in Spanish, but seems to have been created and sold in New York City for the locals. Lots of familiar carols here, performed with an organ and guitar, it's pretty good stuff.  I may need to learn some more about this William Clauson, not sure exactly what his deal is. He appears to be from Ohio and of Swedish descent, certainly not any flavor of Spanish or Hispanic.  But he issued records on Capitol under the Capitol Of The World series.  Odd...  But if you want to listen to some of his music, this is William Clauson, Tenor, Con Alfredo Mendez Al Organo Y Al Valenti, Guitarra-Canciones De Navidad (Christmas Carols) (SMC Pro-Arte 10" 33 RPM SMC-556, Mono).

1. Paz En La Tierra (Peace On Earth)
2. La Primera Navidad (The First Noel)
3. Venid Pastores (Puerto Rican Aguinaldo)
4. Dias De Navidad (Traditional Welsh Melody)
5. El NiƱo Jesus (Jesus, The Child)
6. Voces Celestes (It Came Upon A Midnight Clear)
7. Venid Fieles Todos (Adeste Fidelis)
8. Oh Santisimo (Sicilian Melody)
9. Noche Sagrada (Sacred Night)
10. Pueblecita De Belen (Little Town Of Bethlehem)
11. Noche De Paz (Silent Night)



barba said...

guitar and organ. unusual.

good stuff.

Jim said...

I'm confused; the label says "Stereophonic Sound"
Yet your description and the transfer itself is monaural.

Ernie said...

I saw that note and meant to mention it. There wasn't anything about the recording that sounded stereo to my ears. I was thinking it was just an error. Heaven knows I've found plenty that go the other way, they say mono but play stereo.

Kwork said...

Coolness. Thank you. Interesting mix. Now I want to hear a harpsichord/harmonica duo.