Friday, January 04, 2019

Forgotten Christmas

I keep saying that I'm finding stuff to re-post that I had forgotten about, but here's an item that's seriously slipped my memory.  I appear to have shared this out back in 2010 right after I posted that great sampler for Capitol's initial batch of Capitol Of The World Christmas albums.  I thought it was a neat little piece, but it didn't get any comments, so I guess no one noticed it.  I quickly forgot about it as well, but I'll bring it back for the curious today.  It's a single track featuring an introduction from Time publisher James A. Linen and short samples from four of those Capitol records. Sweden, Italy, Poland & Australia are the countries featured.  (That Australian record is one that I have yet to lay my greedy little hands on.) Please enjoy Time For Christmas (Time Magazine By Special Arrangement With Capitol Records, 7" 33 RPM Flexi Picture Disc, no number). Why does the record say "The American Swedish Monthly" in the picture just to the right of top center?  I must have missed that the first time around.  Maybe this wasn't a US issue?  Hmmm... Oh, I think it's just a photo credit.



Buster said...

Was this a flexi disc bound into the magazine?

I've never seen the Australian record myself.

Ernie said...

I don't remember it having any trace of being bound into anything, and I want to say it was more cardboard than plastic. I'd guess it was distributed in some sort of envelope.

Kwork said...

Now we has comments. Thank you!