Monday, April 19, 2010


When I went to Sun-N-Fun this weekend, I stayed at my parent's house on Friday night. On the way in, I spotted the usual pair of sandhill cranes, but I also spotted an unexpected treat. They had a pair of chicks with them as they fed on the side of the road. I quickly parked my car, grabbed my camera and ran back down the road. Unfortunately, they had moved into a field beside the road, so I couldn't get any really close shots of them. But I don't think these are too bad.

They must not be too young. They were moving pretty well, even keeping a little ahead of mom and dad.  Wow, I haven't shown you any pictures of baby sandhills in a long time!  Well, maybe not so long.

I don't think they're old enough to be eating on their own, though, but lucky for me, they're old enough to be out and about. Hopefully both of these little guys will make it to adulthood. There are still plenty of pitfalls between here and there.

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