Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mary McLeod Bethune

From the National Arboretum, I take you to Lincoln Park, a few miles from the Capitol building, but still on Capitol Ave. Mary McLeod Bethune is a hero of the Civil Rights movement, but I know her from the college in Daytona Beach that bears her name, Bethune-Cookman University.

Her memorial wasn't my main reason for visiting this park, as you'll see shortly. (Think about it, it's called Lincoln Park for a reason...) But it was a nice monument so I took some photos. It's in a pretty nice neighborhood, and there were lots of people playing in the park. Lots of kids and dogs, so if you're ever in DC, it's a nice place to visit.

The artist who created this artwork is Robert Berks. You'll see another sculpture of his later that I found on this trip, and if you're good, I think I have an old picture of one of this other works from an earlier trip to DC.

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