Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tonight's Dolphins

I was out at Quick Point Nature Preserve this evening not long before sundown and I happened to spot a few dolphin swimming by. There were several of them, and they'd all follow each other out of the water at about the same time, so I was able to get some shots. Frequently, they all emerge at the same time and then disappear, but these were playing some sort of follow the leader game that let me get some shots. Nothing too impressive, but more visible fins than usual.

I'm sure that cormorant was wondering if he'd be able to get his beak around one of these guys if he caught one.

That's a pretty distinctive mark on the dorsal fin of this one. I guess that's a good way of keeping track of the individual dolphins in a certain area. I bet with a little research, I could find out more about this individual. OK, maybe not...

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