Saturday, July 28, 2007

Christmas In July 2007-Day 27

Here we go, post number 1601 to the blog, and it happens to fall right here near the end of Christmas in July. Day 27, and I'm sharing five tracks with you that all come from privately pressed records. These are all church groups, school choruses or night club entertainers, people that didn't have recording contracts with record labels. That doesn't mean the music is worse, or better, it's just different. We begin with the University Singers (from the University of Wisconsin) performing Go Where I Send Thee from the album University Singers (Sounds Of Wisconsin KS-7000). Track two features another take on Ave Maria, this time from the Dominican Sisters, Queen Of The Rosary Motherhouse and Novitiate and the LP A Nun Sings For Remembrance (RCA Custom M70P 6968/6969). Track three dives off the deep end a little with an interesting version by Miami area nightclub entertainers Joanne Wheatley & Hal Kenner singing their version of Baby, It's Cold Outside from their album From Berlin To Bacharach (Climax CL-1799, 1977). Pay close attention to the banter near the middle of the song. That's where things go all topsy-turvy. I'm closing out this share with two tracks by the Ashtabula High School A Cappella Choir from the album A Musical Souvenir (Century Custom Recording Service 15021). The two tracks are The Baby Was A King and Carol Of The Bells. All good tracks today, I hope you enjoy them. Oh, here's the download link.

Last year on this date, I shared four tracks from four different artists. Quite the collection actually. Go see if there's anything there you might want to hear.


  1. Would that be Ashtabula High School in Ohio?

  2. Well, I assume it's the Ashtabula in Ohio. The cover photo is a windswept tree on what looks like Lake Erie. Not sure why I think it's Lake Erie though...

    Wait, the address for the Century Custom Recording Service Franchise Associate is Geneva, OH, so I'm going to say it's Ohio for sure.

    I didn't mention in my post (did I?), but the back side of this LP is inscribed "Just a little souvenir of your stay with un in Ashtabula-Alfield Johnson". She's the director of the chorus, so I thought that was kinda cool.

    While I'm blathering on, my girlfriend in 4th grade moved away to Ashtabula. She came back in high school, but it wasn't the same...


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