Sunday, July 22, 2007

Goodbye Tammy

I saw in the paper this morning that Tammy Faye had passed away. I think it was last Friday, but today was the first I'd heard of it. Tammy was the cover girl on a Christmas CD I put out many years ago, so I figured I'd share that image with you, along with a Christmas song from her that featured on an even-earlier collection I did, back when I was collecting Christmas music on cassette. So from Heritage USA in beautiful Ft. Mill, SC, here is Tammy Bakker (as she was known at the time) singing C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S from the various artists LP Merry Christmas-Christmas City USA (PTL PTL-LP-1847, 1984). Just for the record, I don't remember what LP I scanned that cover image off of. The 'Cheesey Christmas Six' was added for my compilation. I do remember that it wasn't a Christmas record, though. But something about her face encircled by the fuzzy parka told me that is should have been a Christmas record.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ernie! I love that photograph of Tammy Faye. I own a copy of the record. It's called We're Blest. It was put out on PTL Records in 1979.