Sunday, July 22, 2007

Christmas In July 2007-Day 22

Need some more Christmas music? You're in the right place, especially if you don't have a strict, traditional view of what constitutes Christmas music. Today features two versions of tune called The Swingin' Shepherd Blues and a rewrite of Ode To Joy simply entitled Joy. The first version of The Swingin' Shepherd Blues is by The Woody Herman Sextet from the album Woody Herman Sextet At The Roundtable (Forum SF 9016). Version two is by Floyd Cramer from his album Hello Blues (RCA Victor LSP-2151, 1960). I don't know why I throw this in as a Christmas song. I guess I tie it in with the shepherds that came from far and wide to greet the Christ child. Why do they have the blues? I don't know... They certainly should have some Joy, and that's the next song, performed here by Percy Faith from the album also entitled Joy (Columbia C 31301, 1972). Here's the link, I hope you enjoy the tunes from today.

This day last year featured four tracks from four different artist with no theme whatsoever. Pretty typical, I guess.

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