Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Other Bridge, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I brought you a few pictures I took while driving across The Bay Bridge, and here are the pictures I promised that actually show the bridge from the ground. The shots above and below show the bridge from The Embarcadero, which passes directly below the bridge as it makes landfall on the San Francisco side. I like the little kayaker in the picture above. The perspective makes him look a lot larger than he really is in relation to the bridge.

The shots above and below are both from Treasure Island, the man-made adjunct to Yerba Buena, the rock in the middle of SF Bay that marks the junction between the Oakland half of the bridge and the SF half. The picture above shows the Oakland side, with the new bridge being built just to the north of the existing span. The shot below shows some of the rock that is Yerba Buena, the bridge, and a chunk of the Financial District in downtown San Francisco. Notice how I'm already starting to crop these pictures like they might show up in my annual calendar project. Gotta think ahead!

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