Saturday, July 28, 2007

Christmas In July 2007-Day 25

I'm back! I missed a couple of days there. Sorry about that. But I'm back, and I'm going to try and get caught up today. So stay tuned and see what I've got for you. We're getting real close to the end here, so I can start to really blow some things out now. This first share today is going to be a real doosey, with seven (7!) different versions of My Favorite Things, the Rodgers and Hammerstein song from The Sound Of Music. I know there has been quite a bit of debate about whether or not this is a Christmas song, but for my purposes, it is. (My purposes include having plenty of music to share with you in July, in case you're curious.) So, where do I start? How about track 1? First version today is by The Stratford Strings from the album Music From The Sound Of Music (Decca DL 8975). Version two is by The Pete King Chorale from The Pete King Chorale Sing The Songs From The Rodgers And Hammerstein Musical The Sound Of Music (Kapp KL-1175, 1960). Version three is by the great Percy Faith And His Orchestra off of Music From Rodgers & Hammerstein's The Sound Of Music (Columbia CS 8215). Version four is a great jazzy take by The Mitchell-Ruff Duo from their album The Sound Of Music By Rodgers & Hammerstein (Roulette Birdland SR 52037, 1958). Where am I? Oh, version five is by The Lennon Sisters from the budget release Our Favorite Songs (Pickwick SPC-3084). (More Lennon Sisters abound around here. Try here and here) Version six is Joni James With Paul Smith Quintet from Joni James Sings "My Favorite Things" (MGM SE-4200, 1963). The seventh and last version is by Florence Henderson (yes, Mrs. Brady) With Sid Bass, His Orchestra And Chorus, from the LP The Best From The Sound Of Music & Fiorello! (RCA Camden CAS-599, 1960). I think that selection of different versions handily beats last year's offering of five versions. And you can get another take from earlier this month, if seven doesn't do it for you. Here's the link now go OD on some fine Rodgers and Hammerstein. (I think I put 'Rogers' instead of 'Rodgers' on the tags to some of these tracks. Sorry about that...)

Last year on the 25th day of Christmas in July, I shared out four great tracks by four great artists, all of them winners in my book. Go get 'em if you missed 'em.

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can you please post the whole sound of music album with florence henderson