Sunday, July 22, 2007

Going, Going, Going, Going

As I mentioned, I went out to the beach to catch sunset tonight. You never know what you're going to get until you get there, but here's what I got. When I saw the reflection in the water as the sun neared the horizon, I hoped maybe I'd catch a green flash. As it slowly sank, I got a distinct omega shape, even with a small cloud between me and the main show. It kept going down and I kept getting more excited. Just before she dipped below the horizon, I laid down on the shutter button and let it fly. But, it was not to be this evening. I got no green flash. But I did get some nice pictures.


Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

I saw this and thought, how can he take a photo of the sunset over the ocean? He lives on the east coast! But then I realized Florida is an isthmus. Or whatever it's called. Or maybe you're just playing with our minds. Nice photos, Ernie.

Anonymous said...

.............. peninsula ........... maybe?

Ernie said...

Yes, I live on a peninsula. An isthmus is a tiny strip of land between two bodies of water (like Panama). A peninsula is a land mass surrounded on three sides by water. I guess they teach you funny things in school when you grow up in Florida. :)

When I was in LA last year, I noticed they showed sunrise on the news over the water. I had to look at a map before I could figure out how they did that. I guess some of the land wraps around a bay and sticks out into the Pacific, providing an easterly view.

It's a good thing I live on the sunset coast, because I'd never be able to get up for as many sunrises as I stay up for sunsets. :)