Wednesday, December 21, 2016

More Batman

Since my last share was the guy who played The Penguin on the old Batman TV series, this next one should be the guy who occasionally played The Mad Hatter.  Certainly not the most popular villain on the show, but I don't have any Cesar Romero Christmas music, and Eartha Kitt's stuff is all available elsewhere.  So you're going to have to make do with David Wayne (not Bruce!) narrating some Christmas story for you.  Enjoy!  This is the 2012 remaster of a share I first brought you in 2006, before I knew who this guy was, I just liked the cover. Here's David Wayne Narrating The Little Star Of Bethlehem And The Toy Box With John L. Eastman Conducting The Cricket Symphony (Cricket CR-X1, Mono, 1959).

1. The Little Star Of Bethlehem
2. The Toy Box


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Zoltán Levente Gugi said...

Dear Ernie!

Can you reupload this album?

Thank you very much!