Sunday, December 18, 2016


Ahhh, the missing Best-Of.  I didn't realize until recently that I'd never created a best of collection for Christmas in July from 2012.  So I had to run through and pick out a few final tracks (it appears I had started collecting tracks back then, but never finished), put it in a rough sequence, rough out some artwork, put it all together and upload it.  I'm sure the artwork is some of the worst I've ever produced, but I hope the music makes up for it.  I also see that I've duplicated a Merle Haggard track from and earlier comp.  Oh, well, such is the price you pay for hurrying.  Here's the tracklist for you.

1. Dennis Hinman-Christmas In July
2. The McGuire Sisters-Be A Santa
3. Hap Miller-Sun Vally Twist
4. Nina-Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?
5. Hal Blaine-Love-In (December)
6. Gaylord & Holiday-Italian Christmas Song
7. Elton Britt-The Skater's Yodel
8. Rosemary Clooney-Me And My Teddy Bear
9. Jerry Murad's Harmonicats-Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite
10. Monte Kelly-Snow-Snow
11. Shirley Temple-That's What I Want For Christmas
12. The Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra-Traineau (The Sleigh Ride)
13. The Gentlemen's Agreement-The Twelve Days Of Christmas
14. Ogden Nash-A Word About Winter
15. The Chad Mitchell Trio-Super Skier
16. The Alley Singers...Phil Stern And Al Brennan-Jingle Bells
17. Jim Mandell-The Reason Everybody Likes Christmas
18. The Guitars, Inc.-Snowfall
19. Jane Morgan-Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
20. The Dukes Of Dixieland And Clara Ward-Children Go Where I Send Thee
21. Neal Hefti-White Christmas
22. John Davidson-Snowbound
23. Ichiro Masuda Qunitet-Frost Flowers
24. Hugo Winterhalter-Blue December
25. Joe Bushkin-Everyday Is Christmas
26. Merle Haggard-Blue Christmas
27. Leo Addeo-June In January
28. The American Breed-Powder
29. The Harry Simeone Chorale-The Toy Drum
30. Vincent Price-A Visit From St. Nicholas



sharxfan said...

Thanks for curating this for us. It's always interesting to see which tracks appeal to you vs. the ones that standout to my ears.

Ernie said...

I choose 'em almost at random, unless I remember something really catching my attention. Works best if I populate the best-of folder as I go along during the month. When I try to pick them out later, it's a crazy shot in the dark.

Mike said...

The Dukes Of Dixieland And Clara Ward-Children Go Where I Send Thee

In my opinion, this is one of the best tracks you've ever shared!!!

Ernie said...

It is pretty good, ain't it? I always get excited when I see a Christmas track in an unexpected place, and a gospel-dixieland crossover LP is as unexpected as they come!