Monday, December 19, 2016

The Hugo Award

Here's another big favorite request, and then some.  I've included every Hugo Winterhalter Christmas track that I know of, with the exception of those where he's backing up some big-name vocalist. I'll start out with the record above, Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra And Chorus-Christmas Magic (RCA Victor 10" LPM 3132, Mono, 1953).  This one was later reissued as a 12" record with a couple of non-Christmas tracks tacked on, so I've stuck with this one for the past few years.  From there, we go back in time to Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra And Chorus-Blue Christmas b/w White Christmas (RCA Victor 7" 45 RPM 447-0875, Mono, 1950), and then forward to Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra-The Christmas Song Cha Cha b/w Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Cha Cha (RCA Victor 7" 45 RPM 47-7397, Mono, 1958).  The good stuff is always hidden away on the singles, and I think that's certainly the case here.  What else, oh, yeah, he covered Sleigh Ride on Wish You Were Here (RCA Victor LSP-1904, Stereo, 1959), that's a good one.  Pretty sure I've seen it released as a single backed by one of the other single tracks, but I'd have to look that up.  Before he was with RCA, he released a Christmas single for Columbia, Blue Christmas b/w You're All I Want For Christmas (Columbia 10" 78 RPM 38635, Mono, 1949).  That's going back a ways.  I may have never shared that one with you before, I can't find any trace of it at the blog.  I don't see any scans, either, so sorry about that.  Last but not least, there are 5 tracks from A Season For My Beloved (ABC-Paramount ABCS-447, Stereo, 1963) that I think fit into his Christmas catalog quite well.  I never scanned that artwork because I shared those tracks during Christmas in July.  That about does it as far as I can remember.  Am I missing anything? 20 tracks, that ain't bad.  And not too many duplicates.

1. White Christmas
2. Winter Wonderland (featuring Judy Valentine)
3. I'd Like To Hitch A Ride With Santa Claus-That Christmas Feeling (featuring Judy Valentine)
4. That's What I Want For Christmas (featuring Judy Valentine)
5. Carol Of The Bells
6. Christmas Island
7. Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly-Wassail Song
8. Away In A Manger-I Saw Three Ships

1. Blue Christmas
2. White Christmas

1. The Christmas Song Cha-Cha
2. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Cha Cha

1. Sleigh Ride

1. Blue Christmas
2. You're All I Want For Christmas

1. Summer Green & Winter White
2. Snowfall
3. June In January
4. A Marshmallow World
5. Our Winter Love



Buster said...

Very nice - was this one of those records that RCA also issued with a hang-it-on-the tree cover?

Little known fact - the "Wish You Were Here" LP was later covered in its entirety by Pink Floyd.

Ernie said...

Yes, I believe so. That may have actually come first, thus the cover on this one. But I don't have it. :(

And yes, The Pink Floyd did cover some of it, but only the first five tracks.

Buster said...

I've been meaning to look for all those ornament releases. I think you told me there were a bunch of 'em. I have Stokowski, and I believe there is a Perry Como edition.

I've always preferred Winterhalter's version of "Raving and Drooling" to the Floyd.

Ernie said...

Oh, let me think. Hank Snow, Mario Lanza, uhm, Winterhalter, Como, Stokie, and err, ummm, is that all?

That was on Animals, not WYWH. I used to be the greatest Floyd fan, but once you have it all, where do you go from there? :(

Buster said...

I wonder if my wife would let me hang them all on the tree. . .

The Yellow Magic Orchestra? The Blues Magoos? Johnny Green and his Orchestra? Red Ingle and the Natural Seven? Bill Black?

Ernie said...

I do have YMO on yellow vinyl, that would look nice on a tree. :)

Ernie said...

I think I missed Blue December, but I shared it on one of my Christmas In July Collections.

Kwork said...

From Buster:
"Little known fact - the "Wish You Were Here" LP was later covered in its entirety by Pink Floyd."

From Ernie:
And yes, The Pink Floyd did cover some of it, but only the first five tracks.

Well, 13 tracks if you want to be overly technical, but they got "Crazy" enough to split nine of the "Diamond"s into two tracks, then thought they could "Shine On" a bit more brightly if they split up those two tracks by inserting three more between them.

Seriously, thanks for these shares.

Ernie said...

I think of them more as different movements than distinct tracks. I couldn't imagine listening to any of the pieces by itself.

Lennonka said...
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Billsfan1021 said...

Is there actually any value to this record? Someone gave me 2500 records like this all very old and original

Ernie said...

They sell for $1 each at the thrift stores all day long, but a lot of them get thrown away. Most record stores won't buy them, there's not a huge market. But you never know what might be in that pile...