Sunday, December 06, 2009

Three Sunsday, Part Six

Here's another single from out friends, The Three Suns, that is all Christmas. The scan you're looking at it a bootleg copy, apparently, of an RCA single from 1951. I've never been able to find an original, but someone was kind enough to share a copy of it with us one year. Same music is on this record as is on that one, though. The Uncle Mistletoe side features vocals by Texas Jim Robertson, while the Sleigh Ride side is all instrumental. Oh, the Sleigh Ride side is a reissue of track from a 1950 single... It just gets worse and worse, doesn't it. So please be my guest and download The Three Suns-Uncle Mistletoe/Sleigh Ride (Do You Remember #344, originally 1951). That part was simple enough, now wasn't it?

1. Uncle Mistletoe
2. Sleigh Ride

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ron said...

Thank You For these wonderful Three Suns Posts!!