Thursday, December 10, 2009

Success Story, Volume 4

Following on from that last post about the availability of an Arthur Godfrey record on CD, guess what else is on that same CD set? Yep, it's this great Christmas album from The McGuire Sisters. This is one of the very few records that I've shared here that actually cost me more than a buck at some thrift store. I think I had to come off of $15 on eBay one year to score a copy of this one. I'd been hunting for years and years in my usual places, and usually got outbid by quite a bit whenever I did spot it on eBay. But I finally got lucky. But you can just go over to Amazon and buy it. For the search engines, this is The McGuire Sisters-Greeting From The McGuire Sisters (Coral CRL 57225, 1958). I think the tracks are also on this other CD from the same label, and it's all McGuire Sisters, so if you don't like Arthur Godfrey, maybe you should get this one instead.

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