Sunday, December 06, 2009

Three Sunsday, Part Seven

OK, so what do I have left of Christmas by The Three Suns that I haven't shared yet today? Well, there's a great track called Silver Skates on the LP shown above, which I shared here. And there was Waltz Of The Flowers that I found just this year and shared back during Christmas In July. Oh, Busy Holiday, also shared during Christmas in July, but this was Christmas in July 2006. Is that it, just three tracks? I can't think of any more. Well, I guess that's going to have to do it then. And as my little gift to you, here's all three tracks in a single download so you don't have to waste all that time and effort on RapidShare. (I know RapidShare has been a big pain in the backside for many of you this year. Anyone want to lend me 50G of server space and nearly unlimited bandwidth? Anyone???)

I hope you've enjoyed today's tribute to the greatest Christmas band ever! I've got a 78 somewhere with what I hope is going to prove to be another Christmas related track from these guys, but after that, I got nothing. But I'm going to keep searching. Consider it a quest!

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Pat said...

A very heartfelt thanks for all of this Three Suns music. Your blog turned me on to them last year, and they've risen to the top of my Christmas pile. Great players, playful music... Christmas seems more like it ought to be when The Three Suns are playing. Merry Christmas!