Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don't Download This

I'm sure you're wondering why you shouldn't download what looks like a great share (first seen hereabouts in 2005). I mean, how can you miss with The Ames Brothers? And you may not know it yet, but Don Cornell's I've Got The Christmas Spirit is a great Christmas song that deserves to be better known. I think this is also the premier recording of that Christmas evergreen, The Night Before Christmas Song. But like I said, I don't want you to download this. I want you to head on over to Big 10-Inch Record and download his recording of this music, from a 10" record released the year before this 2x7" version came out. I listened to my recordings today, and they are just horrid. Buster does a much better job with his Christmas shares, and I think you'll be happier with his. But if you really want to, here is my share of Merry Christmas From (Coral Records EC-82003, Mono, 1953).

1. The Ames Brothers-Sing A Song Of Santa Claus
2. The Ames Brothers-Winter's Here Again
3. Don Cornell-Let's Have An Old Fashioned Christmas
4. Don Cornell-I've Got The Christmas Spirit
5. Eileen Barton-The Little Match Girl
6. Eileen Barton-The Night Before Christmas Song
7. Johnny Desmond-(You Can Just Feel) Christmas In The Air
8. Johnny Desmond-Christmas Is A Time (That Will Never Change)

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Buster said...

Thanks for the latest plug, holiday pal!