Thursday, December 10, 2009


Another great album cover with only so-so music on the inside. I think all the great record labels of the fifties & sixties had art departments whose sole purpose were to make you buy records you otherwise wouldn't even consider. As a collector of old records, I base 90-some odd percent of what I buy on the cover. It's tough to listen to a record when you're standing in the back room of a Goodwill store, but it's easy to look at the shiny cover picture. Well, easy if it happens to be a well-lit back room, which isn't always the case. Anyhow, here's another record featuring Aurthur Lynds Bigelow that you probably only want for the cover. I know that's why I first shared it a few years back. But don't over analyze, just download Arthur Lynds Bigelow, Bell Master, & Marjorie MacComb, Organist-Ring! Christmas Bells (Columbia CL 915, Mono, 1956).

1. Gesu Bambino
2. Tune Of The Sleigh Bells
3. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
4. Veni, Veni, Emmanuel
5. Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming
6. A La Venue De Noel
7. Good King Wenceslas
8. There Once Fell A Heavenly Dew
9. Born Is Jesus The Infant King
10. The Holly And The Ivy
11. Silent Night, Holy Night
12. Noel d'Aquin


Buster said...

I also choose records on the cover!

With regard to this one, I suspect I would have been almost exactly the same age as the young fellow depicted, and I was equally as adorable (still am, in truth). However, even at that age, I would have rebelled at being seen in an outfit that included a red blazer with crest, shorts (in December? - not around here!), and oxford shoes with quasi-argyle socks. I had my standards even then!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ernie,

Is it possible to re-post of these two albums, Arthur Lynds Bigelow Christmas Bells for Christmas 2011.

Thanks from Canada, AM

Ernie said...

I'll see what I can do. Probably won't have time to remaster them, though.

ronjosiah said...

I was able to download ALB 1 since you made a mediafire link. If it is not too much to bother you...ALB 2 would be great if you share it through mediafire too. But that is if you have time. I know you have your hands full with christmas in july series. Best wishes. Thanks so much for all your hardwork.

Ernie said...

Somehow, I knew this one would be next on the list...

ronjosiah said...

Dear Ernie:

Somehow I knew that you will say that :-) Thank you so much. All the best for you and your family. Merry Christmas in July.