Saturday, December 12, 2009

Success Story, Volume 5

Well, it's with a sad heart that I tell you I can no longer share the great Christmas With Gisele. Since I first shared an EP of songs from the VIK full length back in 2005, and have shared out the RCA Victor version every year since 2006, this has been one of my favorite and most popular shares. I actually found a new copy this year that was in much better shape than my old copy (which skipped each of the 100 times I played it before the one time I got lucky...). I had it all recorded and scanned, ready to go up here in the next few days. Then I get word that you can download this LP at iTunes. That's actually what I hope for when it comes to many of my shares. Like those denizens of The Island of Misfit Toys, eventually someone comes along who will love them. But in this case, I don't know if it's an acceptable situation. Reports are that the sound quality of the download at iTunes is horrible. Like my share, it's a recording from vinyl, and unfortunately, it's a poor recording. And there's nothing I can do about it. So don't ask me to reshare mine, please. It doesn't work that way, I'm afraid. But feel free to send a nasty note about the sound quality to Steve Jobs over at Apple. I'm sure he'll listen...

For the search engines, this is (or was) Gisele MacKenzie-Christmas With Gisele (RCA Victor LPM-2006, Mono, 1959)

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PDMan said...

You know, I'm cool with a needle drop if the master can't be retrieved or whatever. But if they don't at least TRY to clean it up a little, then they've lost me.