Saturday, November 29, 2008

Third Thing In The Morning

I figure it's time to throw a curve ball your way, so I proudly offer this Christmas album from two-time governor of Louisiana, Jimmie Davis. Yep, that's right, it's a Christmas record by a politician. If only Sarah Palin would get her recording career underway, then I might be able to top this one. Actually, Jimmie Davis was a singer before he became a politician, so I guess this really doesn't come as a big surprise. I guess his opponents used the salaciousness of his songs against him in the campaigns, but to no avail. Did I mention he served two non-consecutive terms? Now you know. This record came out the year after his final term ended, so I don't think he was actually governor during the recording sessions. About half the tunes on here are public domain songs, and the rest of them are actually written by Davis, so I'm betting you've never heard them. Oh, and a couple of them are recitations over an organ background. They're all pretty good, though, and I think you'll enjoy this. Please download Jimmie Davis-It's Christmas Time Again (Decca DL 4587, Mono, 1964). Oh, Jimmie Davis is also a member of The Country Music Hall Of Fame, so that should tell you what sort of music you're about to download.

1. It's Christmas Time Again
2. Silent Night
3. Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
4. It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
5. Christmas Message
6. No Room At The Inn
7. Go Tell It On The Mountain
8. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
9. Away In A Manger
10. A Child Was Born
11. Joy To The World
12. Gently Rock His Cradle


  1. Palin? Nah, I'm waiting for a country-tinged one from Joe the Plumber.

    Also, some states don't allow consecutive terms for Governors. (Virginia doesn't. I don't know about Louisiana. Plus, you need to factor the utter corruption in all Louisiana government.) So, that fact, while fascinating, may not be that notable. :)

    Yeah, I'm just killing time while I download it.

  2. I was gonna make a Huey Long joke, but I didn't think anyone would get it. :)


  3. Ernie, is it possible to repost this LP someday? Pretty please?? Thank you


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