Friday, November 28, 2008

More Greene

Since I just shared a track from Lorne Greene as the start of my 27 Days of Christmas collection, I wanted to point you towards this great single I first shared out a few years ago. The two tracks on here didn't show up on either his solo Christmas LP, or on the Ponderosa Christmas record. This particular copy came from Canada, but I think it was also released in the USA. This is probably my favorite version of Be A Santa! Please help yourself to Lorne Greene-Must Be Santa (RCA Victor 47-9037, 1966).

1. Must Be Santa
2. One Solitary Life


CaptainOT said...

I'm More Greene! I was making my bones when you were dating cheerleaders!



Anonymous said...

Lorne in the early 80's recorded a daily feature for canadian radio that little is known about called "The Spirit Of Christmas".

In 1999 I finally decided to put these tapes to mp3, and after a few years of bad share sites, they now have a home as part of my weekly radio programs website here:

scott s.