Friday, November 28, 2008

Carols (Not Burnetts)

Time for another brand new share, are you ready? Nothing too exciting here, I'm afraid, just your standard church choral group doing a set of nice Christmas carols, half of which you've never heard. But it's interesting. I was on a kick for a while this year where I was trying to record all sorts of Christmas carols you'd never heard before, and most of those turned out to be foreign carols. But they don't seem to have the same impact as the songs you know, so I eventually moved on to other stuff. This is The Cardinal's Cathedral Choristers, Conductor: Very Reverend Monsignor Charles N. Meter-Carols Of The Nations (Pressed But Not Recorded By Columbia Records XCTV-9512/3, Mono). Nice cover, though. I think that's why I picked it up in the first place.

1. Roman Martyrology (Latin)
2. Stille Nacht (Austrian)
3. Angels We Have Heard (French)
4. A La Nanita Nana (Spanish)
5. Ihr Kinderlein Kommet (German)
6. Nenie Pastorale (Italian)
7. Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy (Polish)
8. O Sanctissima (Latin-Sicilian)
9. The Christ-Child's Visit (Traditional)
10. Il Est Ne, Le Divin Enfant (French)
11. Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen (German)
12. Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle (Italian)
13. Lulajze Jezuniu (Polish)
14. Stars Of Glory (Irish)
15. Tyliaja Natki (Lithuanian)
16. Dormi Non Piangere (Italian)
17. Carol Of The Bells


CaptainOT said...

Pressed but not recorded by? Why would you brag about something like that?

Great find, Ernie! Thanks for the share!


Anonymous said...

Cool. I've got this one in my collection too. It was from the Archdiocese of Chicago, in 1955.

Ernie said...

1955? Is it that old? I didn't think it looked a day over 1965!

Anonymous said...

That's the date I have on it in my database, although I don't think it's printed on the disc. Wikipedia has more on Fr. Meter:

Anonymous said...

Try again:


Anonymous said...

Ernie -

WOW! Talk about a blast from the past! My parents had a copy of this when we lived down dere on da Sout'SIyde.

Chuck's right about the date; this is circa '55 and came to us courtesy of the the Archdiocese of Chicago; funy how you can hold onto trivial stuff like that from your childhood!

Thanks for this one..a great post that broght back a lot of happy memories.