Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ogden's A Funny Name

Wow! This is another great new share that's really going to blow your mind. I don't normally enjoy spoken-word Christmas records (although I have shared a few, which I'll reshare tomorrow for you), but this one is far and away some of the best Christmas stories you've ever heard. I'm not very familiar with Ogden Nash, but if all of his verse is like this, he should be worshiped right up there with Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare. I've had this record in the collection for many years, but I remember the day I bought it. I know I paid more than $1 for this one, but it was so worth it. I don't know why I haven't shared it out before, but I did share that great Santa Claus on the front there one year as a Christmas In July doodle. So be sure you get this one and listen to it closely. Don't just let it play in the background while you're wrapping gifts or decorating the tree. Put it on and listen to it. Let the wordplay wash over you like a calm breeze. Oh, it's good. Go download Ogden Nash-Christmas With Ogden Nash (Caedmon TC 1323, Stereo, 1970).

1. The Christmas That Almost Wasn't
2. An Untold Adventure Of Santa Claus
3. The Boy Who Laughed At Santa Claus
4. A Carol For Children
5. I'm A Pleasure To Shop For
6. I Remember Yule
7. The Miraculous Countdown
8. Nutcracker Suite
9. Sugarplum Dance
10. Russian Dance
11. Arabian Dance
12. Chinese Dance
13. The Flutes
14. The Waltz Of The Flowers


  1. "if all of his verse is like this, he should be worshiped right up there with Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare"

    He's been called "Seuss for grown-ups". Given that actual "Seuss for grown-ups" usually turned out to be racist Red propaganda (really!), though, I'm thinking there should be a less backhanded compliment for Nash.

    Word Verification: "hicutto" - a cheap salami-scented drug-store cologne given as gifts but never worn.

  2. One of his classics:

    Is dandy
    But liquor
    Is quicker.

  3. And "The cow is of the bovine ilk...". I had no idea Nash made records. (Hence "Nashville", presumably.)

    *And* the Nutcracker Suite? Vorrudi brilliant!

    WV: vorrudi; borrowed from Michael Flanders in "In the Desert"

  4. Absolutely delightful, Ernie. And hearing it read was even more special. I knew some of his short verse, but had never read or heard the great Christmas epic.

  5. Just the best!
    I alternated the Nutcracker sections with the Duke Ellington arrangements. What a pleasurable listening experience!
    Thanks for making this available.


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