Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Day Early-Part 2

Here's the second rerun of the day from two years ago, another ode to the joys of skiing. I can't say much about the pastime that I didn't cover in my previous post, so I'll just skip right to the good stuff. If you don't already have it, go download Ray Conrad-The Cotton-Pickin' Lift Tower And Other Skiing Songs (Prestige International INT 13039, Mono). This one is much better than that previous one. Here's the track listing:

1. Round-Bottomed Bogners
2. The Cotton-Pickin' Lift Tower
3. Skiing Billy (Duet With Rosalie Sorrels)
4. In The Mountains Near Alta
5. Two Cubes With A Slug Of V.O.
6. The Ski Instructor
7. The Mineshaft Song
8. The Last Ride
9. Skier's Bible School (Duet With Rosalie Sorrels)
10. Stretch Pants Lament
11. An Ounce Of Prevention
12. The Skier's Daydream


Anonymous said...

LOL I think you picked these two albums just because you think I'm a freak since I've already spent a weekend on snow this year! luv ya, mean it! ;)

Ernie said...

Freak, freak, freak. Don't assume that I'm stopping with just two... That would be a rookie mistake. Quantity has a quality all it's own.