Thursday, November 27, 2008

A New Thanksgiving Share...Finally

I've never had a second record that applied to Thanksgiving in any way until this year, so I'm happy to present to you my second Thanksgiving share! I stumbled across a whole stack of old records in the Salvation Army in Holly Hill (near Daytona Beach) one day when I was over there for work. Well, not just any records (although they did have plenty of those), but the soundtracks that were supposed to be played along with a filmstrip. (You remember filmstrips from school, right? Every time the soundtrack would go BEEP!, you'd flip to the next image. This was before the days of cheap video...) I knew I'd have to buy them all when I spotted the name Ken Nordine on several of them. It turned out to be only about 8 records all told, and the interesting ones didn't feature Ken at all. The first one I want to share with you is this one, which tells the story of the first Thanksgiving. Please go download Maurice Copeland-Narrator & Adele Scott-Organist as they tell the story of Squanto And The First Thanksgiving (Society For Visual Education XTAC-83759 (One Sided 12" 33 RPM), Mono). This one is really going to take you back. Back where, I don't know, but back somewhere.

1 comment:

greg said...

Excellent! I wondered what ever happened to these.

Probably some 20 something teacher, having taken over for a retiring greyhair, found them in some dusty corner of the back closet, had no idea what they were, and, unable to figure how to use them, gathered them up and dumped them off at the thrift store.

I don't suppose the film strips were found, though, eh?