Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Very Merry Thanksgiving To You All

As has been my tradition since the very first Christmas Share-a-thon, I like to start off the season with this Thanksgiving single. It's the catchiest little tune I know of that salutes the great tradition of a Thanksgiving Day parade. Not specifically one hosted by some big department store in particular, but just any parade in general. Of course, this was from a television production of Miracle On 34th St., and we all know what that was about. But I've said to much. For those of you who might have missed it the three previous times I've shared it on Thanksgiving Day, here is Spencer Ross-Thanksgiving Day Parade (Columbia 4-41532 7" 45 RPM single, Mono, 1960). Let the games begin!


CaptainOT said...

Ernie - "Look, ma! The first 45 snowflake of the season!"

Happy Thanksgiving, Ern!


Anonymous said...

WOW you jumped in with both feet running!!!!!!!