Monday, December 03, 2007

Used Music-Track Seven

Yes, it's been a few days, but here is the triumphant return of Used Music-Ernie's Thrift Store Christmas Compilation Compilation! And I've got a great one for you tonight. As far as I know, this was the only Christmas compilation ever put out on A&M, at least from the period of time I like to pull my tracks from. I can talk about it or I can let you listen for yourself, and I think I'm going to let you listen. This is Snow by Claudine Longet from ¡Something Festive! (A&M For B.F. Goodrich SP 19003, 1968). I know it's been out on CD before, but this is too good a compilation track to pass up.

Previous Tracks:
The Sanborn Singers-Jingle Bells
Les Baxter Orchestra And Chorus-Hang Your Wishes On The Tree
Sandler & Young-Mister Santa
Peggy Lee-Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
Danny Kaye-Deck The Halls (With Boughs Of Holly)
Debbie Reynolds-There's No Place Like Home


  1. Sometimes, it's just so hard not to use a track that's been released recently on cd, isn't it? It's so tempting....!


  2. I figure a single track here and there won't send me to RIAA purgatory. Maybe... And it's not exactly in the best fidelity.

  3. I'm glad to see you take this stance, because I feel the same way. There's this song I'd really like to post over on Music For Every Mood that I've been sitting on awhile. It's not CD quality, by a long shot, so I figure they won't mind too much.
    And who knows - with things being remastered all the time, the original version might be slightly different! That happened to me over at MFEM already. Both sides of a single I had were totally different versions than were on the album released simultaneously. Justification enough for me!



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