Thursday, December 06, 2007

More Cubed

My goal tonight was to catch the cube at just the right moment. I wanted to balance the sunset with the light coming out from the depths of Pulse. I'm starting to wonder if that's possible. Shoot it too early and it turns into a giant black monolith against the orange sky. Impressive, but you don't get the impact of the lights.

As the sky gets darker, the light from inside the artwork grows brighter. You still loose a lot of definition in the sky when trying to expose for both.

This isn't a bad one. I wish I could get the color coming from Pulse to match the colors in the sky. Lavender doesn't quite match the orange and blue (Go Gators!) sky over the Ringling Bridge.

Pretty soon there's not enough color left in the sky to bother. I was out there for over an hour, but the sweet spot is only about twenty minutes long. I'm not skilled enough as a photographer to be able to catch the image that's in my head with my camera. Practice, practice, practice, that's what I need!

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  1. The problem I have always found with photography is that you cannot put on film what you see with your eye. The composition, color, depth, etc. always seems to allude me.
    Keep up the effort as you have produced some very good photos.


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