Sunday, December 02, 2007

From The Request Lines

It's not often I get to take requests, but this post is a response to an actual bona fide request. I had this in the 'maybe' pile anyway, and that request pushed it into the 'go ahead and rip it' pile. I did, and now you get to hear it. This is another one of those releases where it would be so easy for them to put it on CD. The first Christmas album by The Ramsey Lewis Trio entitled Sound Of Christmas, shown below, is on CD. Why not put them both on the same CD? Too easy, I suppose. Anyhow, their loss is your gain. Go ahead and download The Ramsey Lewis Trio-More Sounds Of Christmas (Cadet LP-745, 1964). It's jazzy, but far enough from most jazz that I like it.


Doug Hannah said...

Far enough from jazz that you still like it? Ernie, I thought you were cool!!

LOL. Just a little kidding around from a pretty passionate jazz fan.

I have the RLT CD and it is a mystery why they didn't just put both on CD. I didn't even know they had another Christmas album so this is quite a find.


X Esquire said...

WOW!! I too have the first volume on CD (and the title track still makes the top of my mix list each season) but had no idea there was a second. Thanks sooooooo much for this treat.

Paul F

greg said...

Thank you so very much! I love it and have been looking so long! I guess it really didn't hurt to ask!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi,Thanks so bloody much for this download. Been looking for this for over 25 years. If that sounds like exaggeration, well it's not. I have the first album on vinyl and fell in love with it. It is magical, especially God Rest Ye... this is just brilliant. Can't thank you enough. You're bookmarked.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie,

Thank you for making this album available. My mom, who is 88, had both of Ramsey's Christmas albums. When CD's appeared on the scene, we donated over 600 albums to KNPR for their sale. Oh what a mistake! Anyway, I have searched for the "More" album on CD for years. You rock! Thanks for making my mom's Christmas a bit more merry!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,thank you!!!! I am so excited to be able to hear songs from the "More Sounds of Christmas" Ramsey Lewis Trio album! As a kid in the '70's, my Dad would always put this album on first thing Christmas morn, and my brothers and I would always ask him to play the beginning of "Jingle Bells" over and over and over, just to hear their "Uh huhs!" I have been looking for this on CD for quite some time, and as we all know, it's not available. You don't know what it means to me to be able to find it here. Thank you so very much! Cynthia (Dallas, TX)

Anonymous said...

RLT's Sounds of Christmas has been a favorite of mine since I found a copy in the cutout bin during the demise of vinyl in stores.

Could you repost the More Sounds of Christmas?


KH said...

I cleaned up the cover- it's here:

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Just discovered your site, because I too was seeking The 2nd R.L. Christmas album above. Wondering if you could re-up it. Or have you and I can't find it?


Ernie said...

No, I think that one is out there in the world of legitimate reissues now. Not the sort of thing I can share around here any longer.

Rev. bIGhIG said...

PS thanks for the Bill Doggett Christmas -- pretty rare!