Sunday, December 02, 2007

Need A Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute?

If you're looking for more great music of Christmas, and you like the tunes you find here, then be sure to visit That's the website that inspired me to start sharing out all these great records over here. Somehow, The King Of Jingaling always manages to find albums that are a little bit cooler, a little bit cleaner and a whole lot better than the ones I share. One of the recent shares over there is the LP you see above, Living Strings & Living Voices-White Christmas (RCA Camden CAS-2258, 1968). The post over there is a reissue of this on a different label, so I wanted to throw a scan of my cover up to complement that share. You can download the front and back of this version here. Again, go over to right now, you'll be glad you did. And don't forget to stop by the forums. Lots of great elves in there sharing out great albums, too. Tell 'em Ernie (Not Bert) sent you!

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Logan said...

Hello Ernie:)

I dont know if you motor around to the different blogs, but Stax O Wax blog spot had a couple Xmas goodies you would be interested in I am sure. The person that runs it has your blog as a link as well:)

thanks for all the good Christmas goodies:)