Saturday, December 08, 2007

Two Great Quartets!

Something I have been holding back for years now is this great album by The Blackwood Brothers and The Statesmen. Why would I hold back such a great album as this? Well, I've been hoping to find a stereo copy for you. Mine is in mono, and I think a stereo copy will really bring this to life. I've always enjoyed this record, probably because this is one of the records that my dad used to play at Christmas (much like this one). We only had a few Christmas albums, but they were in pretty constant rotation from Thanksgiving night to Christmas Day. These two gospel quartets sings a great selection of songs, not just hymns. They each sing a few tracks by themselves, but there are two songs where they join forces and threaten to tear the roof off the sucker! So I know you're going to enjoy this one. Go download James Blackwood And The Blackwood Brothers Combine With Hovie Lister And The Statesmen To Wish You A Musical Merry Christmas (RCA Victor LPM-2606, 1962). I know there's another cover for this one, too. Something else I will spend forever trying to find...


  1. Ernie, I have a gift for you at FLLL.

  2. Awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us. My Dad will be getting a CD rip of it for Christmas. Blackwoods is his all-time favorite Gospel Quartet.



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