Friday, December 07, 2007

A Different Cover

The Captain over at A Christmas Yule Blog is sharing out the album above, and you need to go get it. But save a copy of this cover to your hard drive before you go get his, because it's different from the one he's got. I don't know which one is original, so you need to have both of them. The record in question is Organ And Chimes Played By Owen Bradley (Coral 57071). I had wanted to share this album out at some point, but I've been beaten to the punch twice now!

Wait a minute... Is this a different LP? Let me check the track list. There seems to be a little overlap, but it's not the same album! Now I'll have to put this one back on the list to be recorded. At least I already have the cover scan done...


PDMan said...
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PDMan said...

Actually, this is the later 12 inch version of a 10-inch Coral LP called "Christmas Time". There are four added songs from the original. Please share if you can.